I'm not good at speaking English in full sentences.

So I'm sorry if my English sentences are incorrect.


Name: Te no hi ra

(In Japan, ”hi" pronunciation is similar to "he")


Channel name:

Black hair→手野陽来 - Tenohira Ch

Blonde→てのひら * Tenohira ASMR






Favorite food:Japanese cheep sweets

Favorite drink:Cafe au lait , Matcha latte


Activity start date 2018.8.31 ~


☆I was born in three dimensions.

However, I have thought want to go in two dimensions.

So I got a body to go in there.

So I have two bodies and I use them depending on a place.

So I'm probably not a general "VTuber".


"手野陽来" and "てのひら" are the same person, but have a little differents.


“手野陽来” has various activities such as chatting, live broadcasting, and so on.


She sometimes wears wigs and performs ASMR activities as a “てのひら”.


There is “てのひら” because there is “手野陽来”. 


"てのひら" is as your childhood friend and a junior, and as your girlfriend. 

“手野陽来” is as your good friend.

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